Hi I am Mia Altieri, I am a competent Software Engineer whose primary focus is in cloud development. Terms such as high availability, fault tolerance, and cross cloud computing are my bread and butter. I am fascinated by problems regarding scalability, reliability, and algorithm design. I am also a huge team player and take pride in making time to mentor new hires, hosting info sessions on debugging tools, and hosting sessions on design strategies. Most importantly I pride myself on operating on the core value of kindness. I believe that teams thrive on kindness and effective communication.

I currently work for Canonical where my main job is to bring MongoDB to the cloud. As the key developer of the open source MongoDB Charm. I design solutions for providing a scalable and highly available MongoDB application to a variety of cloud substrates (lxd, AWS, GCP, MAAS, K8s etc). Check out the codebase here and feel free to contribute or make an issue.

I finished my Master's in Computer Science and Engineering at UCSD where I graduated top of my class. Prior to my Master's I graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCSC with a B.S. in Computer Science. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate experience I have been a member of four labs, have had two industry internships, and have done three personal projects.

During my Master's I focused on in genetic statistical modeling in both Python and R. I used my undergraduate and Masters to explore various areas computer science. Thus giving me a diverse experience in React, Python, Javascript, GoLang, and cloud computing. Throughout my university experience I've created websites/apps, worked with NLP, recommendation systems, machine learning, and networks.